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Mastering Blackjack Hand Signals: A Quick Guide

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Blackjack, a game of skill and strategy, isn’t just about the cards you’re dealt but also about how you communicate your decisions to the dealer. Mastering blackjack hand signals is crucial for playing effectively in a casino setting, enhancing your gaming experience while ensuring clarity and compliance with casino rules. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of the essential hand signals used in blackjack, empowering both novice and seasoned players to play with confidence.

Understanding Blackjack Hand Signals

Blackjack hand signals are a form of non-verbal communication between the player and the dealer, indicating the player’s next move. These gestures help maintain the game’s integrity, allowing surveillance cameras to capture every action clearly. Knowing these signals not only smoothes game play but also minimizes misunderstandings and disputes at the table.

Hit or Stand

  • Hit: To request another card, gently tap the table or scratch it with your index finger.
  • Stand: Signify that you do not want another card by waving your hand horizontally over your cards.

Double Down or Split

  • Double Down: Place an additional bet next to your original bet and hold up one finger to denote “one more card.”
  • Split: If you have a pair, place an additional bet outside the betting box and make a peace sign to indicate splitting your hand.


Although not available in all casinos, if you decide to surrender, draw a horizontal line behind your bet to signal giving up half your wager.

Practice Makes Perfect

Mastering these signals requires practice. Begin by familiarizing yourself with each gesture at home before heading to the casino. Remember, clear and deliberate signals help keep the game moving smoothly and ensure that your intent is perfectly understood by the dealer.

Table of Common Blackjack Hand Signals

Action Hand Signal
Hit Tap or scratch the table
Stand Wave hand horizontally
Double Down Place additional bet and hold up one finger
Split Place additional bet outside of betting box and make a peace sign
Surrender Draw horizontal line behind bet

Final Thoughts

By closely following this guide on blackjack hand signals, you’ll not only enhance your gameplay but also demonstrate respect for the game’s traditions and etiquette. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or an experienced player aiming to refine your skills, understanding and correctly using blackjack hand signals is essential for anyone serious about their blackjack journey. Get out there, and let your hands do the talking!

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